Services Overview

Distribution Operations Consulting

We can assist your organization in adopting new technology or training new employees by working with your subject matter experts to produce and customize instructor-led training, e-learning, online performance-support tutorials, and standard operating procedures.

Custom Training & Performance Support Solutions

Your unique operations and business processes require a solution uniquely tailored to create results. A blended solution of e-learning, instructor led training and performance support should be considered and we’ve been creating solutions like these for our customers since our company began.

Content Development Staff Augmentation

During large projects, many of our customers come up short on internal resources for training content development or need additional staff due to aggressive implementation schedules. We can help by adding team members to your project during these difficult and compressed schedules.

Standard Operating Procedures

Capturing standard operating procedures and performance requirements is a never ending challenge in the Utilities industry. Because information technology changes rapidly and personnel leave, documenting tribal knowledge in a re-usable format is critical. Let us help you with our best-practices methodology and experience in this area before the knowledge and expertise leave your organization.

Conversion of Instructor Led Training to Online Training

Reduce the cost of training delivery and improve access to training content for your employees. We can help you migrate your instructor-led content to an e-learning platform and save you the headache of overtime costs and scheduling conflicts.

e-Learning Content Development

We have created a unique blend of templates that will allow you to ramp up with e-learning quickly and economically. We specialize in Adobe Captivate content development and have created an effective and streamlined development methodology that reduces the effort and time it takes to create high-quality online content. We can mentor your team in using these tools to maintain the content.

Online Help Systems

In our changing environment, so much of the work and systems used in the control room involve complex steps, tools, or processes. An online help system can be leveraged as a search-enabled portal with embedded tutorials that demonstrate critical and infrequently performed tasks. This can enable your organization to get the help they need when they need it.

Change Management

Let us help you identify the impact of new systems, technology, or processes. We can create readiness with communications and training-related support that ensures users understand the impact and how they will do their jobs. We can help you create a change-adaptive workforce.

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