Why Choose Level Four Solutions Group, Inc.?

We know that most utilities assign training responsibilities internally to their own personnel.  The truth is, most of these resources have other full time jobs and while their experience is not replaceable, they don’t have the time or instructional design/development skills to create the necessary content.

This is where L4SG can truly add value.  We minimize the impact to your internal team by picking up the development of content – while working with your top talent.  With our competitive rates, it is difficult to beat this methodology that leverages our instructional design/development expertise and your subject matter experts.  At the end of the day, this means less of a demand on your team and the ability to do more training, faster.

Let us augment your team and help you with your training content development.

Does L4SG have off the shelf training materials that can be purchased?

We don’t sell any already prepared training.  Your operation and business processes are unique and the roles involved in any given organization are different.

Here is what we do have-

-Numerous templates for instructor led training and e-learning

-Team members with years of experience working in utilities, especially Distribution Operations and Maintenance.

-Many accomplishments leveraging our model of work – partnering with top talent.

-Many satisfied customers.

-Very competitive rates.

What are performance support tutorials and how are they deployed?

Think of a tool that allows you to organize step by step instructions for those complicated or less frequently performed critical steps.  It’s like a job aid, only you can search for it, see high level or detailed steps, and watch a demonstration.

It’s what you need when you need it.  Great for:

  • Load shed refresher steps.

  • Co-gen isolation steps.

  • Operating procedures for intelligent electrical devices.

What is the cost involved, why is it affordable?

Our rates vary depending on the resources we assign to the project.  One way we reduce cost is by minimizing the time involved in developing content.  We’ve created a methodological approach for creating e-learning content that substatially reduces effort.  In addition, our back office resources are lower cost with little or no travel and living expenses involved.  We’d love to talk about your project and ways to reduce cost and effort.

If we want to get started, how does it work?

The best way to get started is to contact us.  We’ll provide you with an introduction to our business and the way we work.  Then show you some examples.  If you still aren’t sure – then we’ll suggest a pilot project so we can show you.

Give us a call, we’ll provide you with information in a low pressure, straight forward manner.

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