About L4SG

L4SG  provides training and change management solutions focused in the Electric Utility System Operations and Maintenance arena, but our services go beyond Training and Development.  We assist organizations in implementing change related to new products and related business process changes.  Our company represents ‘best in class’ product and services companies.

At L4SG  our model is based on partnering a business expert (or team) from within your business along with a process/education /learning expert from L4SG.  The partnership between an L4SG Associate and a subject matter expert in your business, is key in enabling the best and most cost effective solution.

Our name says it all – level four solutions group, inc. is based on a widely accepted industry standard for training and performance improvement evaluation, as discussed by Don Clark at his website on Performance, Learning, Leadership, and Knowledge and specifically about Donald Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of training evaluation (1994) – learn more  Our training results in a positive business impact.

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